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Backscatter Security Screening -- Just Say No    
It's about your privacy, your government and the 4th Amendment. Pilots and passengers alike are standing up to the TSA when it comes to electronic strip searching. At least one pilot  may lose his job over his refusal to enter the backscatter machine or otherwise submit to a full-body pat down. I spoke with him and here's what he had to say.

Emergency At JFK    
Flight 2 was an American Airlines 767 out of Los Angeles for JFK on May 4, 2010. As the airliner approached, wind was 320 at 23 gusting to 35. Once in the queue, the flight was not directed to land on 31R into the wind. Controllers instead directed the jet to land on Runway 22L with a gusty direct crosswind. When the pilot responded that "if you don't give us to Runway 31R, we're going to declare an emergency," the controller's reaction to the emergency and the recorded interaction that followed quickly spread through the pilot community. Listen to the emergency call and a veteran airline pilot's insights into the event by clicking through. 

NZ "Flying" Hovercraft    
New Zealander (he's half Australian) Rudy Heeman has, over 11 years, transformed his hovercraft into a wing-in-ground-effect vehicle. Heeman says he's found the ideal flight altitude to be about 1.5 meters, over flat water. Theoretically, the pilot-plus-one vehicle can cruise at about 55 mph for roughly 140 miles. The project includes parts from six different cars, including what was originally a 1.8-liter Subaru engine, and a gas bottle from an old barbeque.  

A Real Electric Airplane

Randall Fishman has about six flights on his ElectraFlyer-C. With real-world experience behind him, plus calculations in front of him, Fishman believes he may have in this aircraft a single-place experimental that can fly at about 70 mph for up to 90 minutes.Fuel cost for that flight? Less than 75 cents. More...

A Different 9/11    
For AVweb editor Glenn Pew, five years of building and many more years of scheming to complete his one-of-a-kind, (almost) 200-mph, 3000-fpm, fully aerobatic kitplane would prove its worth in one day -- first flight. Unfortunately, some things don't work out the way you hope.

The Day I Saw The Light
As he closes in on finishing and flying his fully aerobatic experimental single, AVweb's Glenn Pew figured he should get some decent training on how to do akro with it. Mike Mancuso, a former member of the Northern Lights airshow team, agreed to hone his skills and, along the way, introduce him to the Extra 300L. 

So You're Going To Build A Kitplane
AVweb's Glenn Pew has been there, done that and shares his lessons learned.

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